Candidate for

PDSB Trustee
Ward 9 & 10

Because I believe in our youth, my entire campaign is managed by youth no older than 19 years old… Believing in our children, giving them opportunities and resources is the first step towards success.. Help me make opportunities happen for our children today…

Platform Summary

Immediately find, review and approve all programming and activities offered by non-profit organizations and services in the city for youth. Ensure that youth and parents know of all these free or low cost activities so that they can encourage their children to participate. I will continue to advocate for additional funding for extra-curricular funds at the same time

Find services in the community to immediately help with the issues around the use and exposure to drugs, recommend services to other trustees to put out in the schools immediately. Ensure that parents are informed of what is in the community and discuss better ways to educate young people of the dangers of drugs. I will continue to work on finding additional funds so that the schools can hire more professional help for their students because 1 or 2 counsellors are just not enough for a school with hundreds of students

Work on taking away the stigma of having a learning disability or exceptionality by ensuring that the students and parents in the community are better informed of the postive results of the program. But, at the same time, I would like to review this program again.

I would like to immediately review the busing issue. I have heard a lot of dangerous situations that must be immediately dealt with before something bad happens

I would like to see more career exploration activiies available for all students and would like to review how youth are prepared for this at every school

Young people have told me that they really want to learn about each other’s culture and I feel that young people will have a higher chance of success if they saw leaders of their own community in the school and will support events and programming that supports diversity and inclusivity.

Work towards the concerns of many parents regarding the present sex-education program and finding a middle ground that respects all cultural diversity with other trustees and the community

Safety in schools includes mental health to drugs and peer bullying to busing services. I feel that an overhall review as well as working with the community that offers professional services must be utilized and done immediately, while we are working towards a more permanent plan.

Be more accessible to parents and students as a Trustee