Candidate for

PDSB Trustee
Ward 3 & 4

Being a mother of two school going children in the Peel region and certified Speech-language Pathologist,working with children with Autism and other speech and language disorders since last 16 years in the schools.

I am a passionate, committed, accountable, proactive and knows the school board system. I will be your voice at the school board and bring to the table issues or concerns raised in the community.

Platform Summary

Current Occupation: -Speech Language Pathologist, Executive Director, Kick Start Therapy and Coordinator with Local Health Integrated Network.

Volunteer work and Community Involvement

• Founder and Executive Director of Kick Start Therapy, providing affordable speech-language therapy as well as ABA services.
• Board of Director of RANA Organization.
• In the past have worked as Speech-language Pathologist with Trillium Hospital, Erinoakkids, York Region School Board, and Peel district school board.
• Organized several parent training workshops in the community to educate caregivers related to speech and language disorders,
• Volunteered with multiple community organizations to raise funds for Hospital for Sick Children.
• Organized and volunteered to arrange cultural performances in the community.
• Organized awareness sessions for seniors related to community resources.
• Organized information sessions for parents with special needs to navigate through the school system.
• Actively involved in the mentorship program for new clinicians to help better understand the community, ethnicity, cultural needs and to advocate for children and families.
• Active member with (OSLA) Ontario Speech and Language Associations.
• Member of Peel Chapter, Autism Ontario, and of Ontario association of families of children with communication disorders.
• Involved with Terry Fox Walk and Kids Helpline and raise funds by organizing community events.


• Proper allocation of funding for Advance Academic Excellence of students (Science, Math, technology, Music, and Arts).
• Active engagement of students to craft policies in accordance with the ministry of education guidelines.
• Inclusion and more funding for children with special needs (Autism, ADHD, LD etc).
• Professional growth and development of teachers and support staff.
• Work towards strong resources to put in place related to cell phones, technology, and cyberbullying to provide the safe environment for students.
• Strong financial oversight to reduce waste and stretch educational dollars.
• Focus on providing Equal Opportunity to every student in order to provide mental well being and holistic growth.
• Reduce wait time to access allied health professional services (for example- Psych educational, social worker, Occupational therapy, Speech and Language therapy and Physiotherapy).

Why are you running in this election?

As a mother of two, my love and passion for children, and as a speech language pathologist servicing the community for sixteen (16) years I have decided to run for the position of school board trustee for wards 3&4, Brampton which will allow me to help students of all ages reach their fullest potential.

Recent EQAO results in Math for elementary and junior grade level shows poor performance even though the provincial government had invested 60 million dollars to improve the Math scores but unfortunately, it didn’t happen. We need to be more accountable and need to change the education system for better to reflect upward trends in Math. I believe that Math, Science, Language, Music, and Arts are critical subjects and requires good resources and training /techniques in place so that every child reach his /her potential.

Stats show that 1 in 5 teenagers at some point in life have been the victim of cyberbullying. Suicidal rates, Depression, Mental Health issues and usage of substance have increased and has been linked to Cyber Bullying / Bullying. The stats also show that 60% of students who bully others end up having some sort of criminal records by age 24. We can’t afford to ignore the growing problem of cyberbullying.

Our community is truly a reflection of the great community with the diversity of students, parents, teachers, staff, and administrator and needs the same representation at the school board trustee level.

We know the global community and marketplace are continuously evolving and it’s imperative that our children have the academic skill set, leadership, capabilities and compassionate spirit to lead the way to the better future.

I will be deeply honored to have your support and opportunity to serve our community as school board trustee for wards3 &4, Brampton. Elections are on Oct 22nd, 2018.
“Together we can ….. Imagine, Believe and Achieve!”