Candidate for

City Councillor
Ward 1 & 5

As an acknowledged community leader and caring mother, I am committed with deep conviction and passion for seeking solutions to the problems of the constituency, which have remained unsolved over the years.

My vision for ward 1 & 5, is to use my community experiences to pursue the interests of the diverse population that now reside in Brampton (consisting of old Bramptonians, migrants from the GTA, young families and new comers). In so doing, I will break away from the past sluggish and bogged down procedures of handling matters of priority to the people. I will constitute a strong advocate at the City Hall, in pursuit of the interests of my constituency, wards 1 & 5.

Platform Summary

My Four Point Agenda during my tenure

  1. Security (eradicating gun violence)
  2. Social facilities/Service
  3. Housing
  4. Employment