Candidate for

City Councillor
Ward 9 & 10

I understand the incredible diversity of talent and cultures in Brampton. We need a leader who can reflect this wonderful mosaic and create opportunity for success for all Bramptonions.
With my global experience and passion for community, I will be that leader, that champion who will accelerate Brampton into an era of positive growth.

Platform Summary

All the candidates are either bickering about each other or past councils. They continue talking about what they will do once they get elected.  I am the only one who can confidently claim that I have already done what a good councillor needs to be doing.

I already have solutions for all the major issues that have plagued Brampton. This includes:

  • Transit, gridlock
  • Healthcare, mental health
  • Safety, crime reduction
  • Local jobs & economy

These solutions will NOT cost the tax payer a single penny. They lay within the $400 million that other candidates want to spend for just on small LRT line.

Ladies and gentlemen, on October 22nd, vote for REAL CHANGE – vote for NARESH THARANI for Brampton city councillor for wards 9 and 10