Candidate for

City Councillor
Ward 7 & 8

Mokshi is a proud Canadian and Bramptonian since 2002. Her passion lies in community service and making a difference in the lives of her fellow-citizens. Her accomplishments include:
• Founder-director of Indo-Canadian Arts & Culture Initiative (ICACI), a non-profit that empowers women through programs and events
• Volunteer-coordinator of Carabram that aims to build cross-cultural bridges and promote diversity and inclusion within Brampton
• Volunteer at Langar Seva because philanthropy is the best form of service to our fellow-citizens
• Member of the Board of Trade and the Indo Canada Chamber of Commerce to ensure that Brampton remains a viable city for businesses and economic growth
• Recognition from the Brampton citizens for her service to them as the “Citizen Award” in Inspiration category.

Platform Summary


Improved transit with reduced gridlock (LRT, weekend service of GO trains), advocate for anti-poverty and homelessness measures, creating more recreational hubs for seniors in wards 7 & 8, offering more skills training and opportunities for youth, freezing taxes. I understand the vital role that businesses play in building a stronger economy and creating jobs. I believe that forming strategic alliances and raising Brampton’s investment profile will help to attract and retain new businesses that will support job growth. Engaging private and public sectors as partners in managing and sustaining growth in socially- and fiscally-responsible ways will ensure a quality of life within our communities that generations present and future will enjoy.

Safe City

  • create and implement cost-efficient and effective crime prevention programs
  • Beef up road patrol to prevent speeding and distracted driving
  • Reinvest in Neighbourhood Watch program and Brampton Safe City
  • work with federal government to ensure gun control laws are followed through
  • adopt and implement CPTED


Planned Smart Growth

  • free up land for employment use
  • more affordable housing for first-time buyers and seniors
  • more subsidized housing for those living below the poverty line
  • plan for wider lanes and greener spaces
  • improved, affordable basement unit registration process


Youth and Seniors

  •  create youth apprenticeship/training programs
  • attract technology-friendly employers that create local jobs for youth
  • youth and seniors social and recreational hubs and drop-in centres
  • youth and senior focus groups and advisory committees
  • improved WheelTrans accessibility


Moving and Connecting

  • improve transit wait times
  • reduced fares for youth and seniors
  • LRT routes & weekend GO train service
  • Connect Brampton to other GTA municipalities
  • Improve Queen Street corridor transit lines to serve future University ridership