Candidate for

City Councillor
Ward 9 & 10

I lived in the community and personally understand the issues “Bramptonians” experience daily. My professional career gives me the framework to work with and engage different stakeholders for the betterment of our city. As a husband and father, having a teenager, a middle-school aged child and a toddler, it gives me a unique perspective of the needs of families in Wards 9 and 10.

Platform Summary

Public Transportation

We need to re-engage the Federal Government to have LRT back on the table. We missed out on that opportunity because Council could not make the hard decision when it mattered most. And so, we are still faced with gridlock. We need to designate lanes along major road ways as HOV lanes, giving priority to Public Transportation and vehicles with two or more occupants. These roads could include Steeles Ave, Queen St, Bovaird Dr, Airport Rd, Main St, Bramalea Rd, etc. We also need more zoning of land for commercial use. This will be an incentive for businesses to set up shop in Brampton, thus, creating more jobs.

Transportation is a major concern for the residents of Wards 9 and 10. Majority of the residents commute to cities like Toronto, Mississauga and Vaughn for work. What I am hearing from my neighbours is that we need to eliminate gridlocks which lengthens our commute. We need to provide better transportation in the form of Public Transit that is more reliable and shorten our commute. It is time we focus on making Public Transit the best option for our Wards. Residents are willing to park their vehicles and take Public Transit if it is more reliable and affordable.

Lower Property Tax:

Another issue being raised by the residents of Wards 9 and 10, is that property tax keeps increasing and they don’t see the benefit of the constant increase. There are no more services and programs for them to utilize. They are very concerned that City Council is just increasing property tax to pay for City Bureaucrats pay increase and not getting value for money. The residents are demanding better transparency of their taxes, more services and better programs especially for youth or a partial refund of property tax money paid. Otherwise a freeze or decrease in property tax payment is worth considering. The residents also want to see a month by month Revenue and Expenditure report readily available on the City website.

Public Safety:

There are too many reports of violence and crime in Brampton. Residents are dismayed and alarmed that this is happening in peaceful Brampton. Residents are fearful, that at any time an incident of violence or crime can take place. There needs to be more employment opportunities for our youth, an avenue for them to develop the discipline of strong work habits. This lack of employment opportunities for our youth is causing residents to be even more concerned that this trend of violence will continue. There are only few jobs available for the many needing to develop strong work habits.
Residents are also concerned that there is drag-racing occurring on our streets. Too often residents see cars speeding; especially on streets where children are playing on their driveways. The police are called on many occasions, but then hours later, the same happens again. Residents want to see speed bumps installed, especially on streets that motorists use to detour from major roadways. It should not take the death of a child for us to be proactive in eliminating this condition. There are too many times when it is seen where a child is playing and a ball rolls onto the street, within seconds of trying to retrieve the toy, car breaks can be heard in the distance of a fast-approaching vehicle trying to stop in order not to hit the child.

Need for Transparency and Accountability:

Since registering to run for City Councillor for Wards 9 & 10, the repeated sentiments of the voters have been a need for transparency and accountability. People want to know that their elected officials are transparent in their conduct and in the affairs of the City. Corruption and any sign of it is a turn off for all voters I have encountered. Some have blatantly expressed no interest in voting and their turn off from politics because of a lack of transparency and accountability. The people entrust us with their votes and they demand and have a right to hold their Councillors accountable to promises made during the campaign. Nothing is more distasteful than a politician who is no longer accountable to the people. I pledge to work with integrity and honesty, making all accounting practices above board, and available to my constituents.