Candidate for

City Councillor
Ward 9 & 10

This City has given our family much to be thankful for, now it is time for us to give back. In this election, I will be running for Wards 9 & 10, I will bring with me, all my knowledge, experience and faction to the seat of Council. It is time for change!

Platform Summary

Hello, my name is Mangaljit Dabb and I am running for the Office of City Councillor in Wards 9 & 10. I will be a voice of strength and reason for our Wards. I am looking for your support and here’s why!

I have been calling Brampton home for the past 25 years. My parents purchased their first house in Brampton in 1994. At the age 25, my wife and I also purchased a home in Wards 9 & 10.

Currently, we are raising three children. As a 37 year old, I have gained many achievements in my personal life, but I have never forgotten to live humbly. In my career, I have gained vast knowledge and experience while working in the municipal sector over 15 years, I also have volunteered for over 10 years with local non-profit organizations.
Currently, I am a Screening Officer (City Adjudicator) with the City of Mississauga under the Administrative Penalty System.

In this role I evaluated evidence and render decisions for matters of Parking Enforcement, Animal Licensing, Mobile Licensing, and Business and Adult Entertainment Licensing.

My views and experiences of municipal politics sets me apart from the rest, I understand the internal workings of the municipal bureaucratic systems and will be a great asset for the residents of Wards 9 & 10. I believe that this election is crucial one for Brampton. Either we pivot and move away from same old same old or suffer a fate of more tax increases and over spending. As a Councillor for Wards 9 & 10, I will bring change in our community more quickly and efficiently.