Candidate for

City Councillor
Ward 9 & 10

I will work as full-time City Councillor. Did you know City Councillor earn $100,000 plus benefits for a part-time job? They keep on increasing your property tax to increase their salaries. I have been university professor, an educator, and small business operator for over 30 years, and have created jobs for our youth. Visit my facebook page.

Platform Summary


The City budget is poorly managed, with no or little financial accountability. Councillors keep on increasing property taxes to increase their own salaries. When I connected with people on the campaign trail, I realized that the majority of Bramptonians did not know that city politicians had increased their salaries by 25% in 2014, and another 5% in 2018, bringing it to over $100,000, plus more benefits.

The City poorly provided resources for education, nor did they foresee the rise in gun-violence.

Parents have had to send their kids to make-shift schools, like portables.  There is no university in the city. Hence parents have to pay more than $80,000 for each child living away from home when they go to universities.

Lack of education and jobs market is directly correlated with crime in the city. Many a time police is not provided appropriate resources to deal with crime.

We should provide land for university right away without further delay, and negotiate with provincial and federal politicians right away. It seems to me that politicians do not care about new Canadians, even though they are elected by and from the new Canadian population.

There are long line-ups in Emergency care at the hospital. It’s insane that in the third largest city in the Golden Horseshoe region, with a population of around 700 000, patients have to be rushed to Mississauga and Toronto for several issues. Basically the one and a quarter hospital cannot serve Bramptonians.

However our councillors refuse to see the traffic grid-lock clogging our roads, and snarling up our economic growth; or if they do, they still do very little about it.  Brampton urgently need LRT, subway, and improved public transport systems that will solve traffic issues.

In terms of politicians’ salary increase, I will not only put a moratorium on property tax increase, but also recommend to roll back the salaries to 2014 levels.