Candidate for

Regional Councillor
Ward 2 & 6

This election presents the significant opportunity to Brampton voters to elect a council that will actually work for them. I’m competent, qualified, and ready to take on the responsibilities of being your next Regional Councillor for Wards 2 & 6. Having my own legal practice for the past four years has prepared me to advocate for my constituents responsibly. I intend to use this position to advocate for groups who are traditionally underrepresented in Council such as youth, seniors, and vulnerable groups. I promise to remain accessible to my constituents, to listen to their concerns, and help them as much as I can. I also want to include Brampton residents in the decision-making process by communicating with them through various media platforms and hosting town halls so that future changes directly benefit the people who live here.

I want Brampton to thrive and grow to its fullest potential. The more we are able to support our residents, the more they will be able to contribute to the city with their talents and resources, contributing to a thriving local economy and community.

I have the vision and determination to create a better Brampton where the needs of Brampton residents come first. If you would like to see meaningful change come to this city, I hope I can count on your support!

Platform Summary

Crime Prevention and Community Safety

Once elected, I will work with the community and local law enforcement to provide youth with mentorship and education on anti-violence strategies, mental health, and skills development so that our youth are equipped to deal with confrontation and hardship.

Improve Road Safety and Transit

To improve our traffic network, I plan to modernize our traffic lights system and implement traffic-calming methods to reduce the amount of accidents we see on our roads. I intend to create a strong transit network that will not only combat traffic, but also better connect the people who work, live, and invest in our city.

Economic Development and Job Attraction

Brampton has limitless economic potential. I plan to collaborate with local innovation hubs, post-secondary institutions and medical centres to focus on the emerging sectors of robotics, cyber security, and biotechnology to establish Brampton as a model city, thereby attracting foreign investment.

Advocate for Good Governance

Accountability and transparency are critical to good governance. I am committed to appointing an Independent Auditor General for the City of Brampton to regularly monitor the city’s spending. This way, Brampton residents will know how their property taxes are spent.

Senior Support

Seniors have given much to their families and communities, but they are often underrepresented in Council. I want to ensure that they have the necessary support to live a good quality of life.

Youth-Focused Programming

Our youth are the future of our city. I want to implement more programming for our youth so that they are able to explore their interests, develop as individuals, and are prepared for their future.