Candidate for

PDSB Trustee
Ward 7 & 8

I want to bring a parent’s voices, concerns and hopes to the Peel District School Board as your Trustee. I will keep all available avenues open and remain in touch after the election to hear concerns of all citizens of Brampton and Wards 7 and 8 parents.

I come with experience and a track record as a community builder, negotiator, communicator and able to work with people from diverse political, religious and racial back grounds to get things done. I am hoping to bring these skills and experiences to the Peel District School Board as your Trustee.

The Peel District School Board faces many challenges and needs a united Board of Trustees working together, despite of their personal interest and bias. I am that person. My motivation to run as Trustee of the Peel District School Board is to working to create the safest school environment for all (teachers, students, all employees and the public), working with all levels of government to ensure that Peel District School Board get the funding it needs to take care of our needs (student needs including special education, infrastructure needs {aging buildings and new schools to keep up with our growing community}), providing all our employees with a safe, positive and health work environment that promotes learning, ensuring Peel District School Board applies for and takes advantage of every opportunity for board funding and student growth, and keeping our community involved involved and informed of issues and decisions been made at the Peel District School Board.

Platform Summary

I will use my experience as a community builder and organizer, my experience a negotiator, communicator and consensus builder to bring all parties to the table, starting with my fellow Peel District School Board Trustees, to create policies and provide the resources so that our policies can have the impact they were developed to create.

The next four year, the Peel District School Board will face many challenges for:

  1. funding from our provincial government
  2. students with special needs that we have a responsibility for provide the best education within their ability
  3. Safety with in our schools, making policies, providing the resources to enable creative and inclusive approaches that create a safe environment for all
  4. Our aging schools and building new schools to keep up with the residential growth
  5. Keeping parents involved, informed and engaged in the education of their children
  6. Ensuring that the Peel District School Board negotiate contracts with our unions that ensure our students get the best quality education for our tax dollars
  7. Trustees work together to put Peel District School Board first

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