Candidate for

City Councillor
Ward 1 & 5

As the youngest candidate running for this position, I strongly believe City Council needs diversity and someone with the street smarts that is able to relate to the younger generations. My advantage over all the other candidates is the fact that I can personally relate to a majority of the issues affecting our communities. I have personally experienced and witnessed the struggles residents are facing on a daily basis and it’s time to say enough. As a young candidate, I bring innovative ideas along with solutions that can help our communities grow and feel safe.

Platform Summary

As Brampton is set to grow by another 300,000 residents within the next 20 years, I will work with my fellow councillors to address the issues affecting our communities on a daily basis. Issues such as:

  • Affordable Housing – Creating less fully detached homes and more highrise condominium complexes.
  • Landscaping – Cleaning up our city and addressing negligent property owners.
  • Education – Working with the province to get 2 fully funded Universities so students can have options and remain within our city.
  • Transportation – Reducing congestion and gridlock within the city by using a variety of methods that are less taxing to property owners.
  • Crime – Presenting my ideas and solutions from my police foundations background to my regional counterpart to bring forward at regional council.
  • Youth Programs – Work with school board trustee and the city to find funding for after-school programs so children can be engaged.
  • Seniors Long-Term Care – Advocate for continued funding to all senior’s program within the city.