Candidate for

PDSB Trustee
Ward 9 & 10

My vision is clear and is a product of my unique educational, employment, and community service experiences. I will passionately work for all students, parents, and the entire community. It is time to take concrete action for the betterment of our schools and I promise to take that action as a School Trustee. Vote Ashman KHROAD and let’s work together for the betterment of Peel Students.

Platform Summary

As a former student of Peel Region and a community activist, Ashman has a complete understanding of problems that exist in our public education system. Ashman is determined to use the position of School Trustee to work on the following issues:

  • Communication and Accessibility
    • Better communication is needed between teachers, school officials, students and parents

Let’s improve communication and accessibility for the success of our students!

  • Implement policies to eliminate drug use, bullying, and violence from schools
    • Allocate resources to fight drug use, bullying, and violence in our schools

Let’s get rid of drugs, bullying, and violence from our schools!

  • Transitions
    • Students need extra support and assistance in Grade 8 and Grade 12 to prepare them for the next phase of their education career

Let’s provide the extra support students need at important stages of their school career!

  • Academic Help
    • Develop optional extra help sessions after school for students in elementary schools

Let’s get the base right in elementary schools!

  • Extracurricular activities
    • We need programs to engage students and to provide them with opportunities to become leaders of tomorrow

Let’s bring back all the extracurricular activities that were cancelled and MORE! 

  • Mentorship Program
    • In Grade 11 & 12, students are making important decisions that will impact their future and mentorship from professionals in the community will truly help them make informed decisions

Let’s develop a mentorship program to help our students make informed decisions about their future!

  • Effective Use of Funding
    • Peel School Board Trustees are responsible for allocation of funds distributed by the provincial government

Let’s ensure the funding is being used in the most effective manner!

  • Mental Health Awareness & Initiatives
    • Raise awareness about mental health initiatives that exist within Peel Schools
    • Enhance existing mental health programs and develop a plan to remove the stigma surrounding mental health in our schools
    • Develop stress relief initiatives for students
    • Develop a peer support network

Let’s provide our students all the support they need for the well-being of their mental health!

  • Special Education Programs
    • Allocate more resources and funding towards special education programs
    • Students have different needs and we need to ensure that their needs met throughout our education system

Let’s provide our students with all the resources they need to succeed!

  • Bussing Issues
    • Bus drivers need to be properly trained for the safety of our students
    • Better routes need to developed for efficient travel before and after school

Let’s make transportation safe and efficient!