da Silva

Candidate for

DPCDSB Trustee
Ward 1, 3 & 4

I am a highly qualified, hard-working trustee with a proven track record for getting things done at the Board. I am a devoted Catholic who shares her faith with students, is proud to have a son who is studying to become a priest, and advocates with government to protect the rights to a Catholic education.

My M.A. in Education and experience as a teacher at York University enables me to understand and advocate for the educational needs of students.

I am asking to be re-elected to strengthen faith in our schools, increase academic programs, and improve facilities in our area.

Platform Summary

I want to strengthen faith, increase  academic offerings and improve facilities in our wards:

I am working to bring the following to our area:

  1.  Additional Faith Development Programs for our Staff
  2.  High Skills Major –  Health Sciences at Cardinal Leger
  3.  High Skills Major – Athletics at St. Augustine
  4.  Elementary International Baccalaureate School
  5.  City/board joint use, state of the art, Sports Facility at St.  Augustine
  6.  Advocate to rebuild the older schools in our inner city